Peace, Death!

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Peace, Death! review

Peace, Death! is an arcade simulator game released by the Russian developer Azamatika in 2017. Download Peace, Death! to try being a judge for the deceased and send them to hell or heaven.

Graphics and Sound 5/10

The Peace, Death! 's visuals are pretty standard, but you do not need more than simple pixel graphics to play the game. You will find many well-designed animations with humorous and sometimes scenic text – the game's main feature. 

Though Peace, Death! 's music is not award-winning, switch the sound on for more exciting gameplay. You will especially like the sounds that people (clients) make when their fate is sealed. 

Controls 7/10

On the left, you have an elevator going to hell; the one on the right leads to heaven. In between lies the purgatory. You have to swipe the character to the side of the correct elevator or down to the purgatory. After you complete the 50th day, you can start playing again to get an A+ rating. 

Gameplay 8/10

You work as the master of destiny for those who die. You decide where to send your client: to heaven, hell, or purgatory. Your bosses are Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, and most of the time, you will report to Death. 

First, people have simple-to-notice hell signs, then these features become less apparent or even hidden, so you have to take off their hats and glasses to see horns and red eyes behind them. Once a week, you will get clients who share a common theme, like a whole group from Ancient Egypt or people dying of a catastrophe. 

The faster and more accurately you pass levels (days), the more helpful goodies you will get. For example, by having one less attribute on your clients, you may quicken your work and help you get a better grade. 

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Our Peace, Death! review attests to the fact that you will definitely enjoy replaing this game, again and again. The game has plenty of challenges and tricks, Easter eggs and references, and it's only up to you when to stop playing it.

Have Fun Being Employed by Death 

There are many characters in the Peace, Death!, including celebrities, movie characters, public persons, with each of them being full of sarcasm and humor that you will definitely enjoy. Download Peace, Death! to learn to accurately identify demons and send them to hell with a smile on your face. Have fun!

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 7

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 10

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