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Motor Depot review

Motor Depot is a truck and car simulator mobile game issued by Russian developer Kozgames in December 2018. If you enjoy driving authentic USSR vehicles on the village roads, download Motor Depot to your mobile device!

Graphics and Sound 9/10

When playing this game, you will find that this game has great graphics and atmosphere. All the cars, trucks, tractors, and other vehicle models used in the USSR are perfectly replicated. 

The same goes for the landscapes in various weather conditions. The sounds of the working motors and road traffic are natural. The roads often look repaired with darker asphalt layers and feel bumpy – just like in reality; the trees, however, look fake. 

Controls 9/10

You can play Motor Depot in first person as well as third person. Multiplayer mode for 15 people is available. You can switch on the headlights, hazard warning lights, or blow the horn. The physics of driving is close to reality: when you get off the road, it takes some effort to return the car back to the road.

Gameplay 8/10

In the garage, you choose your vehicle and its color. Acquired experience allows you to unlock and use cars that can move at greater speed, have larger cargo beds and capacity. 

You can choose the tasks that you would like to do using your vehicle: like the transportation of sand or milk for trucks, or carrying people for buses, minivans, passenger cars, and taxis. 

You can get to the point of destination using the map. This map cannot be enlarged, but it tracks your location. On your way, you can overtake cars, but if you crash into another car, you lose money. 

Lasting Appeal 9/10

This Motor Depot review aims to inspire you to explore the game's village and city world, replay it until you try each of the 50 cars, and drive all the village routes. Playing with your friends will add even more fun; however, it can only be used by those who can read Russian. Hopefully, an English version will appear soon!

Back to USSR

Do you want to know the usual village driver's daily routine in the USSR? Do you want to experience how it feels to drive along the local roads and complete simple (but not easy!) tasks? Then download Motor Depot and enjoy all the trucks and buses it has to offer as well as their gorgeous, authentic design!


  • Multiplayer option is available
  • Has a large open world
  • Has many unique Soviet cars
  • Has several weather conditions


  • Not available in English
  • Lacks road signs and traffic lights

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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