Ethereum With Postepay, How To Buy

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If you have a Postepay, that is a rechargeable card issued by any of the Italian Post offices, you can use it to buy Ethereum. This tool is therefore useful not only to make safe online purchases, but also, as we will see shortly, to obtain a quantity of Ethereum by buying it from one of the services available on the network.

There are several platforms currently active that allow operators to trade on bitcoin with Postepay: in this table we have collected the best services according to criteria of dissemination, data protection and security and regulation.

How To Buy Ethereum With Postepay On Plus500

Plus500 is the most popular solution in the online trading department, thanks to its ease of use and versatility, among the many investment opportunities it offers, also includes the opening of positions to buy (rise) or sell (fall) on Ethereum, as well as on all other major cryptocurrencies. To start trading with your own funds you can make a deposit, among the various payment options provided, with a Postepay: remember that this card uses the Visa circuit, so it will be enough, after logging into Plus500, access the Deposit section, choose as a means of payment “Credit Card” and enter the figures that make up the number of Postepay.

Once inserted the system immediately recognizes automatically the membership to the Visa circuit, as shown in the image below. When you make your first deposit, once you have inserted your card, you will need to validate it with the 3-digit security code on the back, and enter the number you wish to transfer to your Plus500 account.

Just click on the “Make a deposit” command to start trading with Plus500 and have all the investment options at your disposal, including the purchase of Ethereum and other digital coins.

The environment that Plus500 offers is internationally recognized as one of the most efficient and versatile, and has a long experience in the world of online trading. Active in Italy since 2008, the Plus500 platform is registered in the Consob register of companies and regulated by the CySEC in accordance with European regulations; it is also present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Plus500 offers its users an uninterrupted support service, accessible both online with chat and via emal. With the Plus500 platform, numerous investment transactions are possible, including the purchase and trading on Ethereum and on all major cryptocurrencies in circulation.

To get to know all the functions of Plus500, here is a complete guide to the platform.

If you want to use a deposit with Postepay to trade, another possibility is offered by again, we are talking about a platform widely known in the field of cryptocurrencies and appreciated. In fact, it should be noted that currently the only digital currency open to trading on is Bitcoin, so other services are preferable for those who want to buy Ethereum on the market using a Postepay.

Buy Ethereum With Postepay on eToro

We continue with the options available to investors who want to buy Ethereum through Postepay, and now let’s talk about the eToro platform.

In this case we have two main features that make eToro interesting in the panorama of online trading platforms. The first is the very nature of the service: like Facebook, you can share posts, discussions and conversations on eToro. The platform is a real social network entirely dedicated to the world of trading, and thus offers the user the opportunity to continuously inform and compare with other operators.

On eToro is also active a special function called Copy Trading: after having identified, on the basis of performance rankings that report the results obtained by different investors, a trader who approaches his risk profile, you can replicate the operations. Just ask the system to activate the Copy Trading option and automatically the platform will duplicate, on the user’s account, the trades of the reference trader.

Ethereum With Postepay On IQ Options, Exchanges And Trading Platforms

Once known for the binary options market, IQ Option now represents another viable alternative in the world of exchange platforms to buy Ethereum with a Postepay card. Again, the system automatically recognizes the card issued on the VISA circuit and makes it possible to transfer money to open a deposit with which to trade Ethereum.

Among the main features of IQ Option we point out in particular two obvious advantages:

  1. Graphic representation of the trend of Ethereum. The platform shows the fluctuations updated in real time of the quotations of Ethereum and the other assets, with customizable charts on which it is also possible to insert indicators of technical analysis.
  2. Chat with other users. IQ Option allows traders to exchange information, advice and impressions on the market through a live chat platform: a way to keep constantly updated on the evolution of reference assets.

Buy ETHs on Coinbase With Postepay

Those who work in the field of cryptocurrency, but also those who have just approached the world of trading, certainly know the services offered by Coinbase, the broker service, universally recognized as the largest in the world, allows you to buy with Postepay, as well as any other type of payment card, Ethereum for a maximum value of 150 euros each week. Coinbase requires a fixed commission fee, on each purchase transaction, equal to 2.99%.

This is the procedure to buy ETHs with Postepay on Coinbase:

  1. First, you need to have an account on Coinbase.
  2. On it must be added the payment card, in this case Posepay, through the profile settings.
  3. Coinbase will then verify the identity of the cardholder.
  4. At this point, you can buy Ethereum with Postepay.

Coinbase offers its users several benefits: not only an easy to use interface, but also a high level of liquidity beyond the imposed limits of purchase, which avoids a sudden fluctuation in prices.

On Which Exchanges Can You Buy Ethereum With Postepay?

We have presented in detail some of the options available to those who want to buy ETHs using Postepay for payment; the market offers other exchange services that allow not only to buy Ethereum directly on the market but also to trade them with other cryptocurrencies. A list includes Kraken, Bitpanda and CoinMama. With regard to LocalBitcoins, it is important to remember that greater caution must be exercised in the choice of trading counterparties.

In general, the rule of thumb remains to observe care and attention when using payment cards, whether rechargeable, credit or debit, when operating on the network and releasing sensitive data.

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