60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure review

60 seconds Atomic Adventure is an adventure and survival strategy game released by Polish Robot Gentlemen Studios in 2015. Download 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure to explore this dark humor apocalypse game.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

The cartoon graphics representation of 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure seems to be a bit grim; still, its hand-drawn style brings a certain charm to the game. Sound effects (like those from every Ted’s collision with objects) are combined with music, which creates an atmosphere of zaniness and dark humor.   

Controls 7/10

In this 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure review, we’d like to mention that it is quite a challenge to guide the main character around the house with touch-based controls of the game’s mobile version. However, using a keyboard with a mouse or a controller on a PC or Mac should be more comfortable. 

Gameplay 8/10

The first part of the game lasts 60 seconds. You have to grab your family members (a wife and two children), some food and water, few medicals, a gas mask, probably a radio, and jump down to the nuclear shelter in the basement. Since you have a limited number of items to carry before you drop them near the trapdoor, you have to make several returns.

The second part, in contrast, involves strategic planning and balancing risks while sitting in the bunker. You have a survival journal where the supplies are recorded and rationally distributed; however, there still comes a day when you have to head out for more. And here you will have to take life-threatening risks.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Since the house items will be placed randomly in each new playthrough, you will strive to find them in different places during the first part of the game. Likewise, the survival section will also make the gameplay full of unexpected events and new conditions every time you play.

Want to Test Your Survival Skills?

If you are a fan of raw, narrative-driven survival games, download 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure, it will definitely make a good impression on you. Exercise to be quick and precise in the first part and watch the consequences of your decisions and actions in the second part. You will enjoy testing your critical thinking and rational planning!


  • Is replayable with randomized scenarios
  • Includes two different style gameplays
  • Has a fun dark humor theme


  • Requires practicing in control on mobiles
  • The graphics and sound are mediocre

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 7

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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